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Godlevsky Leonid

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Affiliation and official address:

Odessa Govermental Medical University, 2 Vallechovsky Lane, Odessa-26, Ukraine

Education (degrees, dates, universities)

1973- 1979 Odessa Medical Institute (MD);

1984- PhD Thesis "Antiepileptic effects of cerebellar nuclei activation". Thesis was defended at Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology of Academy of Medical Sciences of USSR (Moscow);

1992- D.Sci. (Medicine) Thesis "Antiepileptic system of the brain" was defended at the same Institute.

1995- Professor of the Dept. Of Normal Physiology



1979- 1989 Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Pathological Physiology at Odessa State Institute;
1990- 1995 Associate Professor at the Dept. of Normal Physiology of Odessa State Medical University;
1995 till 1999- professor at the Dept. of Normal Physiology of Odessa State Medical University;
since 1999 (Sept.) till now- chief of the Dept. of Biophysics, Medical Informatics and Medical Devices


Specialization (specify)

(i) main field

(ii) other field

(iii) current research interest
Interleukins role in brain pathology;
Effects of magnetic fields upon brain activity and behaviour.


Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies

Best Young Inventor of Ukraine (1986)
All Union Award for Young Scientists (1989)
Individual J.Soros Award (1993)
Fellowship awarded by "Agency for International Development" and "International Health Programs" (USA) (1994)
Fellowship "Salzburg Cornell Seminars in Neurology" (Austria, 1996)
Soros Associate Professor - 1996
Project: Computer patients registration (OD96 HCI-01-1925-2-5-8-8 (Open Society First Regional Program, USA)
Project: INTAS #2037 (1997)
Humphrey Fellowship (one- year education in USA) in 2000 (did not participate because of appointment as a Chief of Dept. of Biophysics at Odessa State Medical University)
Chizhevsky Prise of Russian Interacademic Science Unit (2000)
Member of Ukrainian Physiological Society (since 1980), International Society for Pathophysiology (since 1991), IBRO (1994), Ukrainian Chapter of International Antiepileptic League (since 1995).
European Society of Medical Philosophy (since 1996)<


- Number of papers in refereed journals: 27
- Number of communications to scientific meetings: 42
- Number of books: 2
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